In Grim Dawn, you can select from several different classes, known as Masteries. Masteries represent various archetypes from the world of Grim Dawn which you can combine to create your own customized play style. At level 2, you can select your first Mastery. At level 10, you will have the option of selecting a second Mastery to complement your initial choice, creating a Dual-Class character.

Dual Class Names

Mastery Soldier Occultist Nightblade Demolitionist
Arcanist Battlemage Warlock Spellbreaker Sorcerer
Demolitionist Commando Pyromancer Saboteur
Nightblade Blademaster Witch Hunter
Occultist Witchblade

Choosing your Masteries is the most important step of creating a new character in Grim Dawn. The game currently features the following Masteries:


ArcanistTo Arcanists, the manifestation of magic is not some unexplainable mystery or the will of the gods, but a science meant to be unraveled. This pursuit of knowledge drives all Arcanists, always eager to discover a new technique to make their namesake. Arcanists warp Aetherial and elemental energy to their will, creating devastating demonstrations of power that rival small armies. However, such raw force leaves little in terms of defense.


DemolitionistPyrotechnic masters of the imperial army; Demolitionists are part engineer; part sorcerer. They were used to break enemy ranks and breach fortifications with their devastating array of explosives and destructive magic. They usually prefer to fight at range; engaging enemies with guns, traps and explosives but they can also be proficient with melee weapons.


NightbladeNightblades were clandestine warriors that sold their services to the great houses of the empire. Nightblades excel with all manner of martial weapons but are most feared for the deadly blade magic that is the secret of their trade. Nightblades are not suited to go toe to toe with tougher enemies and rely on illusion to close for quick, devastating attacks or fight from a distance with phantasmal blades.


OccultistOnce hunted by imperial forces in an effort to control eldritch power, the Occultist’s craft focuses heavily on summoning and borrowed powers granted by the three witch gods Bysmiel, Solael and Dreeg. Their diverse arts include abhorrent curses and spells that inflict damage with poison, acid, and entropic energy. Excelling with neither sword nor gun, they can use either to augment their offense.


SoldierSoldiers of the imperial army were trained to survive in the most hellish conditions and hold the line against the deadliest enemies of the empire. Soldiers prefer the use of close combat weaponry, such as a sword and shield, but can also prove formidable with firearms. What a Soldier may lack in outright damage output is made up for in fortitude and leadership.

Resetting Skill Points

If you find that a particular skill you have invested in is not working out for you, you can visit a Spirit Guide that will unlearn skill points for a fee. You cannot unlearn a skill point invested in an active skill without first unlearning all points from passive skills which affect it. You also cannot remove points from the Mastery bar.

To learn more about the Spirit Guide, visit the Service NPCs page.

Mastery Calculator

Our fans have been busy creating tools to assist in the creation of your characters. One such example is GrimCalc, created by Stormcaller, which allows you to plan out your builds.

You can visit the GrimCalc website here.